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Learn from the texting experts — hear directly from Prompt.io™ customers in our webinars, see the latest and greatest features in our quarterly launch, and learn all about compliance and 10DLC. Join us to learn how texting can accelerate your mission.

August 5, 2024 9:00 AM
NCSL Legislative Summit 2024
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Next-Level 10DLC Management: What’s New From The Campaign Registry
June 13, 2024

Watch this insider webinar on the latest advancements for 10DLC registration and campaign management. Experts from Prompt.io and The Campaign Registry will demonstrate new tools and solutions in the political texting space.

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Winning Uphill Battles: Advanced Tactics and Tools for Political Campaigns
April 9, 2024

To win tough races you’ll need to get creative with your digital strategies. In our recent webinar, “Winning Uphill Battles: Advanced Tactics and Tools for Political Campaigns,” panelists from Elevate Strategies, a 6-time Reed Award winner, and Prompt.io shared the advanced tactics and innovative solutions behind recent work in challenging races.

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How to Launch a Smart Texting Program
February 7, 2024

Join veteran political textperts, Brenna Cully and Farz Sokhansanj, on how to build a smart texting suite with Prompt.io’s latest webinar. Brenna is a former Digitial Organizing Director who’s overseen multiple large-scale texting programs, including a presidential campaign. Farz has spent the last decade as a leader in the political technology ecosystem.

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The Road to Victory: 2024 Election Strategies Unveiled with Arena
October 12, 2023

This fireside chat featured top political experts from Arena and Prompt.io. They discussed their experiences and campaign advice for the 2024 elections. Hear from political veterans with rich experience in leading presidential campaigns.

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The Future of Politics: Three Cutting-Edge Tools to Win in 2024
June 28, 2023

From instant surveys to AI tools, there are a plethora of new tech available for campaigns to win 2024 elections. You have to stay in the know on the latest innovations in the field and common use cases before using them in your own strategies.

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Advocacy in Action: How to Build an Effective Communication Plan
April 26, 2023

Our expert speakers, Alex Dickinson, Partner and Chief of Staff at Beekeeper Group, and Johnny Craig, VP of Business Development at Prompt.io, will be sharing their expertise on the best practices and strategies for communication plans to help you successfully grow your communities, mobilize action, and influence policy.

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AI, ChatGPT: The Future of Constituent Communication w former US Congressman, Will Hurd
January 31, 2023

AI allows campaigns to create personalized, interactive messaging experiences for their constituents.  Before you get started with AI tools and messaging, gain insights from industry professionals. Join AI expert and former US Congressman Will Hurd in a discussion on how AI can support effective and engaging political campaigns.

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Master Class: Building Your CommUNIONity through Text
September 28, 2022

Looking for an effective way to engage your members? Join our Masterclass, “Building Your Community through Text”. This masterclass will cover advanced techniques on how to connect, mobilize and engage your membership using text.

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AAPC 2022 Digital Politics Virtual Conference - How to Scale Your Next Campaign
August 25, 2022

Ready to take your campaign to the next level? Hear from Brittany Comins, President of Amplify, and Farz Sokhansanj, Vice President of Business Development at Prompt.io, on how to scale your next texting campaign.

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The Price is Right: Expert Tips on How to Monetize Texting
August 10, 2022

Join Byan McPartlan, former Vice President and Data Director at C3 Public Strategies, to learn how to find your ideal target customer, price and sell on value, and maximize your revenue with texting.

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Master Class: Expert Tips for Texting Campaigns
July 20, 2022

This MasterClass, powered by Prompt.io, will cover how to master large-scale texting campaigns for engagement, fundraising, community building, and more.

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Textpert Panel: How to Text Your Way to More Donations
March 30, 2022

Your giving campaign is only as good as the reach it generates. Traditional components such as email, direct mailers, and telemarketing do the trick, but their effectiveness has declined over the years due to technological advances in spam filtering, caller ID, and rising costs of paper and postage.

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AAPC: Textpert AMA Texting Tips for 2022
January 26, 2022

Learn how to outsmart your opponents and do it right before we’re in the thick of it all.

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Fireside Chat with Chazz Clevinger
November 19, 2021

A fireside chat with the one and only CEO of OneClickPolitics, Chazz Clevinger. Join Prompt.io CEO and founder, Phil Gordon, in this deep dive look into all things advocacy, texting, and politics.

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Product Release: Deliverability. & Smart Links
August 19, 2021

Our Q3 2021 major feature release with two great new features -- Deliverability check and Smart Links.

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10DLC Deep Dive
August 5, 2021

A deep dive into the brave new world of 10DLC with CEO Phil Gordon and Brenna Cully.

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