Authenticated SMS

Authenticated SMS (A*SMS) is a™ patented technology to enhance SMS legitimacy at scale. With this technology, organizations have an iron-clad way to prove that they are the originator of texts through the introduction and use of the keyword ID.

Scams, Spoofing and Impersonation

Businesses and political campaigns are increasingly relying on SMS messaging for critical communication with customers and constituents. Businesses use SMS for sales, service, marketing, simple notification, and two-way conversation. Political campaigns use SMS to drive awareness, donations, and get out the vote. 

As SMS has increasingly become a channel of choice for these use cases, hackers and bad actors have taken notice.  SMS is a viable attack vector.  The U.S. Federal Trade Commission calls SMS attacks a “Triple Threat.”  There is even a moniker for these attacks – Smishing – a clever combination of the phrases “SMS” and “Phishing” (coined in a McAfee blog post, 2006).

Recent Examples


1. Text HELLO to 206-479-8799.
(No reply will be sent in response)

2. Text the A*SMS Keyword ID
to 206-479-8799

3. Enter the Verification Code

Thank you! Your submission has been received!
Oops! Something went wrong while submitting the form.
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ID Keyword

Consumers text the keyword ID and receive a custom, single-use authentication token than can be entered into an embedded form on the organization's website.

On entry of the authentication code, definitive proof of the validity of the text message is provided: the originating number for the text message, the customer's phone number, and the timestamp of the last message sent.
Welcome to XYZ

Reply ID to verify our identity.
SMS sent from X

‍Visit and enter code 332A1K to verify our identity.

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