How to Launch a Smart Texting Program

February 7, 2024

Join veteran political textperts, Brenna Cully and Farz Sokhansanj, on how to build a smart texting suite with’s latest webinar. Brenna is a former Digitial Organizing Director who’s overseen multiple large-scale texting programs, including a presidential campaign. Farz has spent the last decade as a leader in the political technology ecosystem. logo
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What you’ll get from this webinar:

  • How to build the most successful campaigns using the resources you have
  • Power of integrating voter contact, smartlinks, and data collection.
  • What metrics to watch and how to build key campaign indicators for reporting, efficient billing, and analytics
  • Sneak peek and early access to our new tool, PULSE.

Elevate your campaign strategy in this must-attend event for forward-thinking political consultants.

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