Platform Features™ offers fully featured texting platforms for political campaigns, advocacy organizations, nonprofits, and commercial business. Our robust feature set includes A2P and P2P texting, 2-way conversation, SmartLinks, Automations via Keyword, integration with leading CRMs, and many more.™ Platforms

Introducing the all new ✨ Spark user interface! Easy to use, easy on the eyes -- helps organizations get the most out of texting.


Import contacts from CSV or sync with popular CRMs. Scrub for non-mobile on import.  Segment via tagging.


Bring in contacts from CSV upload or sync lists from integrations such as. NationBuilder, Salesforce, NGPVAN, and Blackbaud. Flexible data model means you can import any data for a contact without prescribing the data fields and then use that data for field-merge in outgoing messages.


Add labels or tags to every contact and use these tags for segmentation in an outgoing broadcast.

Scrub for non-mobile numbers

Automatically remove non-mobile numbers from imports.


Provision and manage 10DLC, toll free or short codes.

10DLC facilitate fully registered 10DLC texting. Phone numbers purchased for texting are automatically connected to the 10DLC brand and campaign. You organization always owns the phone numbers exclusively and in perpetuity.

Channel Analytics

Track deliverability, errors, and opt-outs on a channel-by-channel basis.

Channel Lock

Once a contact has been contacted via SMS, future communication will always be locked to that original outbound phone number ensuring consistency of messaging.


Invite team members to participate and give them explicit product role and permissions.

Every Feature Permissioned

Every bell and whistle has an associated permission giving fine grained control over the use of the system.

Unlimited Groups

Slice and dice your volunteers and staff into groups for easy permission setting and analytics/reporting.

Send Invitations via Link

Send or post a link to potential volunteers and manage applicants with single-click approvals.


Templated, canned responses and actions speed up conversations and provide consistent messaging during conversations.

Canned Response

Create and manage common replies. Folders are fully supported as well as full field merge.

Advanced Action Builder

Configure a library action to add a contact to a list, add a tag, or even update data in an external CRM.

Usage Tracking

Every usage is tracked in real-time enabling admins to reorder the most commonly used entries.


Robust link redirection and tracking.

Full Parameterization

Every redirected link can pass data parameters in order to pre-fill forms, set up donations pages, and more.

Every link click tracked

Every click is tracked in real-time and available by report.

Action Builder

When a link is clicked, send a thank you message, add a contact to a list, update an external CRM or add a tag.


Easily automate keyword responses, contact inactivity, and other key events.

Keyword Responses

Set up unlimited keywords and auto-reply to inbound texts.

Opt Out Automation

Automatically add contacts that opt out to a list, block them from further communication, and sync the opt out to external systems.

Inactivity Automation

When a conversation has gone stale, automatically close the conversation saving your team time and energy to focus on active contacts.


Robust P2P and A2P broadcasts capabilities are the bread and butter of the platform.

Field Merge

Personalization of outbound messages through field merge leads to higher engagement and better results.

Deliverability Check analyzes every outbound message and warns if deliverability issues are expected due to message content.

Real-time Metrics

Track every single response, opt out, delivery and error all in real-time. Our funnel view gives you all the key insights you need to maximize impact for your organization.


Two-way conversations are vital to supporter engagement.

Built for Dialog

Team members can have quick and easy two way conversations with supporters with their entire conversational transcript available.

Library / Macros analyzes every outbound message and warns if deliverability issues are expected due to message content.

Escalation and Custom Routing

Route inbound foreign language responses to the appropriate team member.  Escalate important conversations to team leads.
Illustration of phone with a befoe and after of video quality.


HD Video MMS enables your organization to send the highest quality video for the best possible deliverability and quality.

Highest-quality video based on carrier

Automatically compress videos and encode them based on each carrier.

Enhanced video texting at scale

Whether managing one campaign or dozens, is built for scale. Single sign-on, cross campaign analytics, and easy billing make us the best on the market.

Customize video needs to suit your campaign

All videos are completely mobile optimized via Apple or Android devices.

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