Texting for political, advocacy, nonprofit and commercial organizations.

Prompt.io is a full suite texting platform offering robust two-way texting for organizations big and small. We pride ourselves in offering the best software on the market with even better customer service.

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SMS is Highly Effective

Text is the most effective communication channel and is an essential tool for every modern political, advocacy, nonprofit, and commercial organization.

Consumers prefer text as their primary form of contact
Of all texts messages sent are read within three minute of delivery
Average click-through rate for links sent via text message

How it works

Text flows are simple to create, maintain, and monitor.

1. Plan

Access simple campaign set up and target efforts with contact segmentation

2. Notify

Send texts via long code, toll free, or short code

3. Engage

Tailor and automate conversations with our simple-to-use Engagement Console

4. Action

Drive supporters to action with our micro-app technology

5. Analyze

Analyze end-to-end metrics from initial text through actions from supporters

Prompt.io Texting

Text over short code, long code or toll free.

Short Code


High volume, high throughput, high impact texting to your opt-in list of supporters.

Long Code


Personalized texting with your local audience.

Toll Free

A2P & P2P

Texting for business – volunteer and staff management, press notifications, coordination, polling / surveys.

Prompt.io Focus and Mission

Great Service

First class service for a first-class campaign.
We aren’t just a software vendor – we’re your partner. Our dedicated account management and direct support helps you achieve your texting goals.

Analytics and Results

We help you analyze and optimize your results based on your stated goals and objectives.


Texting is a quickly evolving landscape. Our team’s focus on compliance and carrier relationships will help to make sure your campaign is always right-sided. Prompt.io is a partner of The Campaign Registry.

SMS for Political Campaigns

Supporting campaigns up and down the ballot

Whether you’re running for President or City Council we’ve got you covered. We work with campaigns up and down the ballot and have the expertise to ensure your texts are effective and drive results.

Texting for Political Campaigns

SMS for Advocacy Organizations

Activate your grassroots army

When you need to mobilize an army to support or show their disapproval of legislation, peer-to-peer text is a valuable part of any organizing effort. Prompt.io has partnered with many of the leading legislative advocacy systems to provide a seamless and integrated solution to engage supporters effectively.

Texting for Advocacy Campaigns

SMS for Nonprofits

Notify, engage, and activate your supporters

Augment your traditional channels of engagement with SMS. Reach more supporters to educate, engage, coordinate volunteers, and raise money.

Texting for Nonprofits

SMS for Commercial Organizations

Texting for business, big and small

Prompt.io services commercial business in financial services, health care, automotive, travel, retail, and education. No matter what your texting needs entail, our platform can handle the largest call-center type installations to simple two-way texting for customer service.

Texting for Commercial Organizations

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