™ HD Video MMS

Highest-quality video based on carrier.

HD Video MMS enables your organization to send the highest quality video possible to contacts. Automatically compress videos and encode them for best possible deliverability and quality.

Screenshot of platform demonstration.
Illustration of phone with a befoe and after of video quality.

Enhanced video texting at scale.

Whether managing one campaign or dozens, is built for scale. Single sign-on, cross campaign analytics, and easy billing make us the best on the market.

100% automated and seamless.

HD Video MMS optimizes the video compression for each carrier in a completely automated, turnkey way.

Screenshot of platform demonstration.
Screenshot of platform demonstration.

Customize video needs to suit your campaign.

Tweak compression settings to your particular needs, or even provide a complete “override” video. The solution can be tailored to your unique needs.

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The Highest-Quality Video Texting Optimized for Delivery.


Simple and Powerful Intuitive Interface

Carrier-Specific Video Compatibility

Premium Customer Support

Advanced Reporting

Seamless Integration

Compression Wizards



Bundling services that include text messaging and HD Video MMS means you can offer this to clients at a great rate and add on your services as needed.

Political Campaigns

Ensure your supporters plan to vote and inform them of your voter protection resources.


Reach your fundraising goals through creative video marketing campaigns.

Labor Unions/

Build deeper relationships with your members via HD Video MMS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Video HD MMS Video?

Right now with most vendors, video compression is the same across the board - regardless of carrier specifications. Now we can optimize your video to match each carrier’s specific delivery requirements, so your constituents receive the highest-quality video their carrier supports.

Will I get support from

Yes! When you choose, you’re choosing a texting partner that is well-versed in campaigns and can preemptively get ahead of issues. Working with a passionate texting partner who deeply understands the needs and values of political groups will ensure your success.

Who is™ is a robust texting platform for political organizations, advocacy groups, nonprofits and commercial uses. We service customers via fully registered 10DLC, toll-free, and short code. We pride ourselves in creating true partnerships with our customers — we don't just deliver texts, we deliver results.

For political campaigns, is a non-partisan organization. We believe democracy is best served by a free flow of information and substantive conversation. Whether we're powering a presidential candidate, state party, or a race for local city council, our software helps candidates connect with supporters, drives turnout on election day, and helps raise critical funds. Meaningful two-way conversations with constituents move the needle in the closest races and solidify support where outcomes are more certain.