City of Toronto: Text for Nearest COVID-19 Vaccination Sites

Texting hotline allows residents to find nearest vaccination sites.
June 3, 2021

City of Toronto: Text for Nearest COVID-19 Vaccination Sites

The City of Toronto, in partnership with Stratcom Strategic Communications and, launched a groundbreaking way for residents to find their nearest COVID-19 vaccinations sites and information via SMS.  Residents text their postal code to 1-833-750-0888 and immediately receive a reply with the five nearest clinics and pharmacies offering the vaccine.  In addition, residents can register for an upcoming telephone town hall or query for more information on the virus. Periodically, the city may utilize broadcast functionality to send updated information or alerts to residents.

The platform made configuring and deploying this solution very easy. utiliized the city's API endpoint to determine the nearest locations based on postal address and sends them back via text.  In total, configuration took just a few hours. was able to utilize extensive carrier relations to expedite whitelisting of the toll free number to ensure maximum deliverability and availability.  Multi-lingual support for 11 languages is available to residents.

Configuration of the powered texting solution

City of Toronto Mayor John Tory said: “We are excited to introduce these new features to the VaxTO text line, making it easier for residents to access the information they need in the language they are most comfortable with and to find the locations offering vaccinations that are most convenient to them. This is just one more way the City is working to break down barriers to vaccination and provide extra support to those who require it. I continue to urge all Toronto residents to get vaccinated and to make sure they get their second dose as soon as they are eligible.”

Phil Gordon, CEO and founder of, stated: "We are extremely pleased to be partnered with Stratcom and the City of Toronto on this incredibly important use case. We sincerely hope that city residents enjoy the service and are able to find a vaccination site. The best technology eliminates friction for consumers and gives them the information they need immediately — when done correctly, as in this case, it is magical and transformative."

Matt Smith, President of Stratcom, is overseeing the texting program: "The team brought their strong relationships with Twilio and carriers plus their technical and strategic expertise to make the City of Toronto's text line a huge success. We couldn't have done it without them."

City of Toronto Press Release

City of Toronto's "VaxTO" campaign expands features of text line to further help connect Toronto residents with vaccines

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