NationBuilder Integration Launch is pleased to announce the launch of a robust texting integration with NationBuilder. Import, sync, and target contact lists.
June 22, 2020

NationBuilder Integration Launch

Text messaging is an important way for modern campaigns and causes to communicate.  Forward-thinking organizations use SMS to increase advocacy actions, drive donations, coordinate volunteers, and get out the vote. SMS is incredibly effective because it is ubiquitous, requires no download or install, and 95% of texts are read within 5 minutes of receipt.

NationBuilder recently released an integration with NationBuilder contact lists can be  seamlessly imported into the Chatbox messaging platform and leveraged so you can start texting your contacts immediately. Conversational histories are, of course, synced back to the NationBuilder Activity feed.

Organizations looking for personal, yet scalable and affordable SMS texting with members, voters, and volunteers can benefit from the A2P (application-to-person) bulk messaging for opt-in lists and P2P (peer-to-peer) texting for campaigns that require manual, human-driven, two way texting.

Drive Advocacy Actions

Advocacy Actions are media-rich templates that allow for immediate mobilization of a group devoted to a common cause, from education to communication with legislators.

To set up a new Advocacy Action, simply provide educational text (add images or videos if available) along with a sample proposed letter to elected representatives. Then, select a list of contacts and send! Constituents receive a mobile-optimized experience that educates them on the issue and encourages them to advocate on its behalf.

Recipients who are inspired to advocate are then asked to supply their home address, which then presents a list of their elected representatives. From there, advocates can modify your sample letter and immediately have it sent via email to their selected representatives. Configuration of an Advocacy action takes less than 5 minutes. Better yet, once your recipients click into your Advocacy action they will be able to send dozens of emails to their elected representatives in under a minute. It’s the fastest way to go from idea to action.

Chatbox Text Messaging Platform example of app for petition

Coordinate Volunteers

One common use of texting is to coordinate volunteers. With, you can text a list of supporters, find out when they are available to volunteer, get them signed up, and automatically schedule reminders.

The content and form fields are easy to modify in the platform. Data is aggregated and presented in report form or exported in real-time to Google Sheets.

Imagine sending a request for volunteers to hundreds of supporters via text message and then watching resulting signups automatically roll into a Google Sheet. That’s the power of the platform, which now works seamlessly with NationBuilder.

SMS Text Messaging Services for Politics Example Image
SMS Text Messaging for poling location notification example image

Get Out The Vote

When it comes time to drive constituents to a polling location, has noteworthy capabilities. Quickly compose an outbound text and provide two forms for the message – one for a constituent with a known address, and one for unknown.  Chatbox takes care of the heavy lifting to help you match the correct form of message with the right type of voter. If desired, you could even provide a form specifically for donors.

The platform also facilitates A/B testing, field merging, and data-driven customization on a per-constituent basis for continuous improvement and optimization of donor and voter campaigns.

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