Goodbye Chatbox, Welcome™️

We're leaving behind the Chatbox brand for -- the leader in texting technologies for political, advocacy, nonprofits and commercial organizations.
June 22, 2020

Goodbye Chatbox, Welcome™️

Six years ago, we set out to help businesses and nonprofits communicate more efficiently and effectively with their customers.   We believe that customers want to interact with businesses in a convenient, mobile-friendly form, on their own terms, with as little hassle as possible. No one really wants to call on the phone, and email is tremendously ineffective. It was clear to us then as it is today, the best channel for conducting business is messaging.  As we’ve come to see, whether it be for marketing, sales, or service, text messaging is tremendously effective, efficient and delivers an outstanding return on investment.

Customers want businesses to give prompt attention to their questions and issues.  We deliver those experiences every day with completely configurable, easy to deploy two-way texting for sales and service.

Customers often need to be sent or prompted for information -- adding a new driver to an auto policy, for instance. Or, signing up to volunteer to help at a political campaign. This exchange of information is vital to business success. We’ve solved this problem by giving businesses the tools to configure and send app-like experiences via text message that require no download, no install. All the data is instantly synced to the customer’s conversational history and the business systems of record.

Businesses need to embed text messaging capabilities into their workflows and systems so that conversations and data can be promptly routed to the right systems and staff. They need integrations, APIs, and a true enterprise-grade platform to configure, operate and automate these messaging experiences.  And they need a prompt return on investment. Our messaging suite delivers.

As Chatbox, we’ve built what we believe is the world’s best text messaging suite. I’ve loved our name Chatbox since we secured it 4 ½ years ago. Unfortunately, the name “Chatbox” doesn’t accurately reflect the company we’ve become and the platform we’ve built.  We don’t really do “chat” and we aren’t a “bot”, and we certainly aren’t the little chat box you see at the bottom of some websites today. And yet, that sort of technology is what people immediately associate with our company.

So, today, we’re changing our name to™️.  We believe this more accurately reflects our mission. PromptMessaging will be helping businesses with two-way conversation. PromptExchange will help with the capture and delivery of information inside of those conversations. And the PromptPlatform will integrate deeply and seamlessly into existing workflows and systems.

So long Chatbox. We will miss you.  Welcome  The family looks forward to working with customer-centric businesses, nonprofits, and political operations for many more years to come.


Phil Gordon
CEO/Founder Inc.

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