7 mistakes youre probably making with your text message marketing

June 9, 2021

7 mistakes youre probably making with your text message marketing

You know the stats-- texting is the future. Ninety percent of text messages are read within 90 seconds, and the average American checks their phone 96 times each day. While email response rates hover around 6%, text messages average a 45% response rate. So why are your text message campaigns flopping? Today, we’ll talk about the seven most common text messaging mistakes organizations make, and how to fix them. 

Forgetting to introduce yourself

You wouldn’t text a new personal contact without introducing yourself, would you? It’s easy to get so focused on your mission that you forget the basics. In a survey by Nonprofts Source, 77% of responders believe everyone can make a difference by supporting causes. Introduce yourself in your message, and show that you’re a cause worth supporting. 

Sending a text with way too much information

We all have that friend whose text messages read like a novel. If you’re like most of us, we’ll set that message aside to respond to when we “have the time,” and end up messaging days or weeks later. If your organization is “that friend,” you can assume potential supporters won’t take the time to read and respond.  Keep your messages clear, concise, and engaging for the best chance of receiving a reply. Remember-- just because you have characters available doesn’t mean you should use them all. 

Not responding, or not responding in a timely manner

Texting is a relationship, and you’ve worked so hard to get a response. Don’t drop the ball with a text message that goes unanswered. With Prompt.io, you’ll have access to our one-of-a-kind user dashboard that will give you (or your team of volunteers) access to new messages so you can respond in record time. 

Texting at an inconvenient time

Just because you’re working during dinnertime doesn’t mean your supporters are, too. And while email analytics often recommend sending newsletters in the early hours of the morning, waking someone up with the chime of a text message is a quick way to make enemies. Be thoughtful about when you’re sending your text messages to maximize responses. 

Including untrustworthy-looking links

Shortlinks are an easy way to track clicks, bounce rates, and actions. However, a generic untrustworthy-looking link that is never clicked won’t give you any data at all! Invest in a branded short-link to gain user trust and increase conversions. 

Forgetting a CTA

Don’t assume that an SMS recipient knows what action you expect from them. Be clear in your request, include a link, and let them know whether your ask is time-sensitive. Not ready to make any big requests yet? No problem! Include a low-risk CTA like answering a question or filling out a survey. 

Not getting consent

P2P text campaigns are a great way to reach potential new donors and increase your base-- but don’t leave them in the P2P space. Save money and time when you get consent and transition them into an A2P relationship. You can read our top tips on converting phone numbers for opt-in here.

Have you discovered that you’re making mistakes with your SMS strategy? It’s not too late to rethink your approach. Incorporate these 7 tips into your next campaign for increased opens and responses while saving money.

If you’ve fixed all your mistakes, but you’re still not seeing desired results, give us a call. Prompt.io is a leader in texting for political, advocacy, nonprofit, and commercial organizations. We’ve helped hundreds of organizations create successful campaigns, and we’d love to assess your current strategy and develop a plan for you. 

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