10DLC and Campaign Registry Integration Launch

Prompt.io is the first platform to successfully launch a full integration with 10DLC and the Campaign Registry.
July 1, 2021

10DLC and Campaign Registry Integration Launch

Carriers in the United States (ATT, TMobile, etc) have instituted a registration process for organizations wishing to text via 10-digit long code.  This is known as 10DLC.  The carrier-led regulating authority is known as the Campaign Registry.  Prompt.io is a full partner (known as a connectivity service provider or CSP) with the Campaign Registry.

Campaign Registry Integration

On July 1, 2021, the Prompt.io platform launched a fully automated, turnkey integration with the services and functionality required for organizations to register and stay in compliance with the new rules and regulations.  Prompt.io. is the first platform on the market to fully and successfully complete this integration. Compliance with regulations is always a top priority for the Prompt.io team and our customers.

Account Creation

When your account manager create your organization, we select the appropriate use case and brand details required by the Campaign Registry:

All vetted use cases and verticals allowed by the Campaign Registry are fully supported.

Brand and Use Case Information Collection and Registration

When our customer enters the platform for the first time, they can complete the brand registration process with a simple form presented in the platform.  This form collects all of the iniformation required by the Campaign Registry to successfully create a brand and use case (what TCR calls a "campaign").

Brand and Campaign Registration Data

On success, the brand and campaign are created at the Campaign Registry ensuring an organization's compliance with 10DLC rules and regulations.  Data from the carriers is presented for inspection including the "brand score", carrier throughput limitations and surcharge rates (sometimes known as carrier access fees).

More Information

For more information on 10DLC and how our platform and partnership with the Campaign Registry differentiates our platform and keeps our customers in compliance with rules and regulations, please contact your account manager or the sales team (sales@prompt.io).

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