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Winning the 2024 Election: Mastering Mail, Digital, and P2P Texting

October 19, 2023

Winning the 2024 Election: Mastering Mail, Digital, and P2P Texting

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What can we expect in 2024 as we all prepare for the wild ride of a new presidential cycle? To win your next campaign, according to political experts from our recent webinar, it's crucial to employ a multi-channel strategy. This strategy will help you reach your fundraising goals, increase get of the vote turn out (GOTV), and secure a victory. How, you may ask? 

In our recent webinar, co-hosted by The American Association of Political Consultants and Arena, titled 'The Road to 2024 Victory: Election Strategies Unveiled with Arena and,' we gathered top political experts to discuss navigating election cycles and fundraising across multi-channel campaigns. Here are some of their insights on the future of political campaigning and the use of multiple channels to reach voters.

The Power of Traditional Mail in Modern Campaigns

“So really, the combination of mail and digital work really well as a one two punch, because you can be in a mailbox at the same time that people are getting really messages on their device.” Jonathan Schmieder - Senior Vice President, Arena

In a world inundated with digital messages, a physical mailer can stand out and be seen as a more personal touch. Modern campaigns leverage data analytics to craft personalized mailers. By understanding voter demographics, preferences, and concerns, candidates can tailor their messages, ensuring each recipient feels individually valued and understood.

Ways to Make Traditional Mail Interactive and Engaging:

  • QR codes
  • Personalized URLs
  • Texting Keywords

Integration Strategies

“The more you can kind of coordinate your schedules, coordinate your messaging, and really apply these different techniques so that they work together, you're just gonna be much better off in the long term.” Jonathan Schmieder - Senior Vice President, Arena

The key to combining your channels is building cohesive, consistent messaging across mail, digital, and P2P texting. Regardless of the channel, the core message should be present in all communications. Whether a voter receives a mailer, engages on social media, or participates in a P2P texting conversation, the message should reinforce the candidate's vision and values.

Here are some essential points to consider when combining your communication channels:

  • Pick the Right Tools: Utilize CRM systems, marketing automation, and campaign software to track interactions, analyze data, and optimize strategies.
  • Unify Your Communication Strategy: Tailor communication channels to demographics' preferences. Engage younger voters on social media and older demographics through traditional mail for comprehensive outreach.
  • Overcome Integration Hurdles: Foster regular communication, set clear guidelines, offer training, and employ integrated software solutions to overcome campaign challenges and enhance efficiency.
  • Use Multimedia Content for Maximum Impact: Share videos, podcasts, and infographics strategically across digital and traditional channels to maximize their impact and support campaign messaging.

The Rise of P2P Texting in Political Campaigns

"Emails and texts aren't just fundraising. They're also political messaging tools. So that's an important part to clarify for everybody looking into digital programs." Mikey Swetz - Vice President & Director of Fundraising, Arena

Peer-to-peer texting involves real-time conversations between campaign volunteers and potential voters. This immediate and personal approach humanizes the campaign, fostering genuine connections. Unlike automated messages, P2P texting ensures that each voter feels heard and valued.

Benefits of P2P Texting: 

  • High Engagement
  • Real-time Conversations
  • Data-driven Insights

Jonathan explains that P2P texting can be applied in many facets of a campaign to maximize the frequency of messaging. It can match mail and canvassing communication with mobile messaging by sending text messages ahead of those channels or concurrently. 

The more campaign managers coordinate schedules, coordinate messaging, and apply these different techniques to work together, the more engagement campaigns will have in the long term. 

Looking Ahead: Trends and Innovations in 2024 Elections

"Expect the unexpected. The amount of cord-cutters canceling their cable TV subscriptions, people moving over to streaming, and the amount of money raised on texting versus email, these things will continue to evolve."  Jonathan Schmieder - Senior Vice President, Arena

What does the future of political communications look like? According to the Arena team, expect the unexpected. It is likely to be even more immersive and interactive than ever. AI-driven insights are revolutionizing digital campaigns and more technologies are offering unique opportunities for candidates to create memorable, engaging experiences for voters.

  • Leverage Data Analytics and AI for Personalization: By analyzing voter behavior and preferences using AI algorithms to send tailored messages, maximizing engagement.
  • Stay Up to Date with Technology Trends: Embrace various digital campaigns by keeping abreast of evolving technology, tools, and platforms.
  • Understand the Cost of Fundraising: Plan accurately by understanding upfront costs. Realistic budgeting and effective messaging are crucial for successful campaigns.

If you have questions about integrating your campaigns, speak with one of the experts at

Looking for more insights? Hear directly from these political campaign veterans in the full AAPC webinar with and Arena.

Watch the Webinar:

Meet the Campaign Experts:

Jonathan Schmieder - Senior Vice President, Arena

Jonathan Schmieder is a veteran of local, state, and national political campaigns. Jonathan specializes in data-driven tactics for traditional and new media. As Senior Vice President at Arena, Jonathan works with political, nonprofit, and private sector organizations on branding, public relations, and advertising.

Mikey Swetz - Vice President & Director of Fundraising, Arena

Mikey Swetz has been a political fundraiser for over 12 years with experience building fundraising programs and campaigns across the country. At Arena, he helps campaigns and organizations raise millions through digital means. 

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