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The Future of Politics: Engaging Supporters with InstantApps

July 6, 2023

The Future of Politics: Engaging Supporters with InstantApps

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Last week, joined Campaigns & Elections for an advanced webinar, “The Future of Politics: Three Cutting-Edge Tools to Win in 2024.” Our Solutions Engineer, Dan Tramte, covered everything from streamlining your outreach with InstantApps to adding the human touch to AI tools. 

What is an InstantApp?

PromptExchange InstantApps in the™ platform are quickly configured mobile apps experiences with no coding required. has a drag-and-drop builder with all data collected is synced to the customer record and backend system of your choice in real-time.

InstantApps offer allow political campaigns to build customer-facing and admin-facing apps that enable seamless interactions with their supporters and streamline various campaign activities. In this blog post, we'll explore the potential of InstantApps for political campaigns, focusing on two compelling use cases: customer surveys and social media coordination.

Under the Hood of InstantApps:

Deep Linking and Smart Links: To understand how InstantApps function, it's essential to delve into the underlying mechanisms. InstantApps leverage a combination of URL tricks and deep linking. 

Smart Links: By configuring an InstantApp, campaigns can draft tweets with or without field merging and include hashtags or quote tweet URLs. This generates a parameterized URL that, when clicked, launches the Twitter app with the tweet draft pre-populated. To ensure deliverability and track clicks, smart links are employed. These link shorteners replace long, complex URLs with carrier-approved, shortened URLs that include a unique hash path for each contact. This enables campaign managers to monitor engagement and measure the effectiveness of their social media campaigns.

Out with the Old, In with the New:

"The problem is that your contacts are often very limited in the kinds of actions that they can take from just within the Messenger app." –Dan Tramte, Solutions Engineer at

Streamlining Surveys:

Canvassing and polling contacts are integral parts of political campaigns. However, traditional methods often involve lengthy back-and-forth exchanges between texting staff and supporters to complete a survey. 

InstantApps provide a more efficient alternative. By creating surveys on a user-friendly platform like Prompt, campaigns can generate unique URLs for each contact. Supporters simply click on the link, fill out the survey, and submit their responses. The app automates data collection, tag assignment, and list segmentation based on the answers. This streamlined approach enables personalized peer-to-peer experiences and empowers campaigns with valuable insights to better tailor their subsequent efforts.

Coordinating Social Media Efforts:

Coordinating between different digital organizing teams can be challenging for political campaigns. InstantApps integrate texting and social media efforts seamlessly. 

Imagine sending a text to supporters, prompting them to tweet a campaign-approved message. Clicking on the link in the text would launch their phone's Twitter app, pre-filling the tweet with pre-approved copy, hashtags, and even the Twitter handle of their legislators. This coordination ensures that supporters stay on brand, follow the correct hashtags, and achieve a unified impact. The frictionless nature of InstantApps minimizes attrition, allowing campaigns to mobilize a large number of supporters quickly and effectively.

Expanding Possibilities:

While we focused on Twitter in this example, InstantApps can be adapted to work with other social media platforms as well. By harnessing the power of InstantApps, campaigns can streamline supporter engagement and coordination efforts across multiple channels, ultimately driving increased participation, amplifying campaign messages, and influencing public opinion.

In the digital age, political campaigns are constantly seeking innovative ways to engage with voters and coordinate their efforts. InstantApps have emerged as valuable tools for political campaigns, revolutionizing the way they interact with supporters and coordinate various activities. By utilizing InstantApps for customer surveys and social media coordination, campaigns can enhance their outreach, gather valuable insights, and mobilize supporters more effectively. As technology continues to evolve, the potential for InstantApps to transform political campaigns is vast, offering exciting possibilities for future innovation in the political landscape.

To watch the full webinar with all of the latest tools and approaches you need to win in 2024, visit here.

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