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Master Class on Political Texting: Five Expert Tips for Success

August 2, 2023

Master Class on Political Texting: Five Expert Tips for Success

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Lloyd Cotler, Principal at Banter Messaging and Partner, shared invaluable insights on how to create effective and personalized text messages. Here are high level expert tips:

  • Define success and measure metrics that matter
  • Unsilo texting in order to integrate it throughout an organization
  • Segment & personalize messages
  • Test and create best & worst practices

1. How to Personalize and Segment Your List

Effective texting campaigns rely on personalization and segmentation to achieve success. SMS offers a unique advantage as a two-way medium, enabling direct interaction with recipients and fostering meaningful relationships. Consultants managing political texting campaigns should prioritize making supporters feel valued and appreciated for signing up for texts.

By creating distinct segments for different groups, such as donors, volunteers, etc you  can drive better outcomes and keep the opt-out rate low. Tailoring messages to align with individual interests and characteristics helps in establishing an authentic connection, ultimately fostering strong brand loyalty among supporters. To achieve remarkable results, it is crucial to emphasize the significance of building genuine relationships and delivering value through personalized communication.

2. How to Un-Silo and Integrate Texting Into Your Overall Strategy

Think of texting as a digital tool that can be used as a multiplier for your campaigns and boost your whole organization. Integrate texting with other channels such as direct mail, telemarketing, and in-person fieldwork. By leveraging texting as a cost-effective tool to boost response rates and prime audiences across multiple channels, organizations can maximize the impact of their campaigns. 

3. How to Focus on Long-Term Metrics

Organizations were encouraged to focus on long-term metrics rather than just immediate monetary results. Testing and experimentation were also recommended, as they provide insights into tactics and behavior. So what metrics can reveal what is and isn’t working in your texting campaigns? 

  • Subscription length: How long are subscribers staying on your list? This can help determine if your messages are causing drop-off. 
  • Average gift size: Compare other channels and see if text subscribers are showing a difference.
  • Average number of gifts: How frequently are texting subscribers reacting to your asks?
  • Offline behavior: Is texting driving people to in-person events, voting, and so on? This metric can show direct conversion from texting that isn’t donation-based. 

4. Best Practices When Creating Messages

Try to keep your messages personal to you as the sender, not just from an organization. This encourages replies and creates more conversational texting. Here are some practices to avoid for texting and what to do instead:

  • DON’T - Focus on negative messages with words like “Stop.”
    DO - Be for a solution instead of against an issue.
  • DON’T - Overuse “us” and “we.”
    DO  - Use your first-person perspective with “I” language.
  • DON’T - Send very long texts.
    DO - Aim for messages that are 160 characters or less.
  • DON’T - Use multiple links and CTAs in one message.
    DO - Create specific, targeted messages with a single link.
  • DON’T - Use or other third-party obscured links (they can be flagged by carriers).
    DO - Use trackable SmartLinks 
  • DON’T - Go months without messaging and only sending asks.
    DO - Engage with your audience with updates and other news as well as initiatives. 

5. Have an Opt-In Strategy

Collecting opt-in permission early on was stressed as vital for texting campaigns, even if implementation is not immediate. You should not be buying your subscribers and only texting those who have given explicit permission. Strategies for obtaining opt-ins can be a mix of automated and human responses. Honesty and transparency should always be at the forefront of those strategies.

‍Mastering the art of texting campaigns requires a thoughtful approach that prioritizes personalization, segmentation, and engagement. By building genuine connections with supporters, organizations can forge long-term relationships and drive brand loyalty. Integrating texting with other channels, crafting effective messages, and collecting opt-in permission early on are crucial steps for success. With the expert tips provided in this master class, organizations can take their texting campaigns to new heights and achieve impactful results.

Check out the full webinar here:

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