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How to Upgrade Your Response Management for Political Campaigns

July 11, 2023

How to Upgrade Your Response Management for Political Campaigns

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Recently, joined Campaigns & Elections for an advanced webinar, “The Future of Politics: Three Cutting-Edge Tools to Win in 2024.” Our Solutions Engineer, Dan Tramte, covered everything from streamlining your outreach with InstantApps to adding the human touch to AI tools.

In the era of digital tools and constant connections, a lot of political activism still operates on more traditional channels. Dan covered two essential channels for political campaigns – phone calls and responding to supporters with campaign messaging. We’ve taken these channels to new heights in the form of Patch-Thru Calling and AI integrations. 

Patch-Thru Calling

What is Patch-Thru Calling?

Patch-Thru Calling is a powerful grassroots organizing method that allows direct communication with elected officials at scale. When constituents call, policymakers listen and respond. Patch-Thru campaigns amplify constituent voices, showcase public sentiment, and apply pressure on policymakers to deliver results.

Voters can express their concerns or support for specific policies or bills and reach multiple officials through a single platform. By coordinating numerous individual calls, these campaigns make a collective impact and shape public policy decisions.

A Powerful Organizing Tool:

Patch-Thru Calling on advanced platforms revolutionizes the way constituents connect with their elected officials. Within the platform, users can set up calls to multiple destinations such as the White House, Senate, House of Representatives, state senates, state representatives, or completely custom contacts. 

Contacts no longer need to manually dial a number or receive unexpected cold calls. Instead, they receive a text, click on the provided link, and initiate the call at their convenience, empowering them to engage when they feel most prepared.

Watch the full advanced webinar: The Future of Politics: Three Cutting-Edge Tools to Win in 2024.

Empowering Supporters with Streamlined Apps:

Patch-Thru Calling's success lies in its engagement strategy. 

  1. It begins with a simple text message sent to the contact. 
  2. The message typically expresses appreciation for the contact's support and invites them to participate. 
  3. Triggered by a keyword, the contact is connected via a call from the same phone number. 
  4. Before connecting them with an elected official, the contact listens to a pre-recorded message that highlight key talking points relevant to the campaign. 

InstantApps streamline otherwise manual tasks for the Patch-Thru Calling experience. Instant Apps also display the legislators associated with the contact's location, allowing them to verify the information and ensure accurate communication. The app presents your campaign’s talking points on the screen, supporting individuals who may experience anxiety during phone calls. This feature enables users to engage in the call while referencing the talking points simultaneously.

AI-Integrated Response Management

“[With AI Integrations], not only will your texting agents be on brand but they'll be accurate, they'll be efficient at responding to inbound messages, and it still has the person-to-person experience during the more casual parts of the conversation.” –Dan Tramte, Solutions Engineer at

Semantic Search (Your Response Library On-Demand):

Dan explains that while AI integration presents exciting possibilities, caution must be exercised in political campaigns to maintain control over the messaging and ensure responsible communication. For instance, an AI integration involving semantic search allows for intelligent response management. 

Using OpenAI's embedding model, you can represent words as vector points in a multidimensional space, the semantic similarity between inbound messages and predefined responses can be measured. 

We understand if that all sounds a little too technical. Basically, you can use AI to take your responses and match them with topics found in inbound messages. This approach allows your human volunteers to retain control and consistency over the copy while leveraging AI capabilities to streamline the response process. No matter what capacity you are using AI, the human touch is essential to keeping your communications engaging.

Response management and Patch-Thru Calling offer powerful avenues for political activism in the digital age, allowing constituents to voice their concerns directly to legislators. By combining technology, such as Instant Apps and AI integration, with human oversight, campaigns can maximize their impact, ensuring accurate, efficient, and impactful communication. 

To watch the full webinar with all of the latest tools and approaches you need to win in 2024, visit here. If you have any questions about modernizing your communication to constituents, reach out to the campaign experts at!

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