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October 5, 2022


2022 is a particular year - It’s the ten-year anniversary of #GivingTuesday. The big day is November 29th, so you’ve just enough time to reflect on your current plans and build them out to ensure they are as big as the ideas and hearts behind them.

A note on donations: Make it as easy as possible. Credit card based giving - or using PayPal are the clear options to lower the barrier to entry. Most website builders and nonprofit CRMs now include PCI-compliant payment processors. Remember clear calls to action-give donors a suggested amount while stipulating that no amount is too small (or too large!).

*Pro-tip: Use staged donation pages to increase conversion!

We’ve created three text templates that don’t just ask for donations; they generate enthusiasm around the date, bring awareness to your cause and express gratitude for your supporters.

Segmenting your audience before texting them is critical to your success. Each group serves a unique function and requires different messaging. Here are three simple cohorts you might focus on and a Text Template for each:

Cohort 1 - Existing donors. This group can be targeted and directly asked for a donation based on their giving history.

Text Template: “You should be proud of your ongoing support of {org name} ! Your contributions have directly impacted our success, and we are immensely grateful for you! This Giving Tuesday, our goal is to raise {x amount} To contribute, {enter steps to give/click}

Cohort 2 - supporters These are members who can be moved up the “ladder of engagement” to become donors. Perhaps they’ve volunteered before but not donated and are emotionally invested in your cause.

Text Template: “Thank you for supporting us! The time, effort, and care you’ve invested in {org name} is deeply appreciated! For another way to help, consider donating! This Giving Tuesday, our goal is to raise {x} With your support, we can {tie your amount raised to a specific, measurable result or goal} To learn how click here!

Cohort 3 - Potential Supporters. The relationship with this audience needs fostering before an ask to donate is broached. They need to be educated on who your organization is, its history, values and mission.

Text Template: “{Org name} has a core mission of {insert mission} and we do this by {tangible action.} Since our inception in {insert date} we have {list measurable positive results}. If you are looking for a cause to get behind this Giving Tuesday, we would be grateful for your support! To learn more about us and the many ways you can help, follow us on {insert socials and website}

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