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9 Tips for Training Volunteers for Peer-to-Peer Texting

April 25, 2023

9 Tips for Training Volunteers for Peer-to-Peer Texting

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Peer-to-peer (P2P) texting has become an increasingly popular way for non-profit organizations, political campaigns, and other groups to communicate with their supporters. P2P texting involves volunteers sending personalized messages to individuals in a targeted audience, such as donors, voters, members, or subscribers. This method of communication is effective because it allows organizations to reach a large number of people in a short amount of time, while still providing a personal touch. 

However, training volunteers to participate in P2P texting can be challenging. You have to make sure everyone is on the same page while representing and supporting your organization. It can be as simple as providing the right tools and practice.

Here are some tips for training volunteers for P2P texting:

1. Provide clear instructions and goals: Volunteers need to understand exactly what they are expected to do when texting. Provide clear instructions on how to access the platform and craft messages. Make sure volunteers understand the goals of the texting campaign, the audience they are targeting, and any specific messaging guidelines.

2. Choose a user-friendly platform: Use a platform that has user-friendly interface and is easy to navigate. A good platform should give you a birdseye view of activity and be scaleable if you need to add more volunteers. allows you to set up your team with explicit product role and permissions.

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3. Use examples: When training volunteers for P2P texting, it can be helpful to provide examples of successful (and unsuccessful) messaging. Share examples of messages that have received positive responses and explain why they were effective. When sharing examples of messages that didn't work, discuss what could have been done differently. 

4. Practice role-playing: It’s always a good idea to practice internally before messaging your real audience. Role-playing is an effective way to help teams practice messaging, test out features, and fine-tune messaging. This will also give volunteers a chance to practice crafting messages and responding to replies in a low-pressure environment.

5. Make your messages transferable: Anyone should be able to pick up and run with a conversation. Be sure to train your volunteers on all your current messages, initiatives, responses, questions, and call-to-actions. In’s platform, you can also set up helpful notes and keyword triggers to make sure messaging stays on point.

6. Provide feedback: Feedback is essential for volunteers to improve their skills. After each role-playing session, provide feedback on what the volunteer did well and what they could improve upon. Be specific and give concrete examples. This will help volunteers understand where they need to focus their efforts.

7. Emphasize empathy: P2P texting is all about building relationships with individuals. Emphasize the importance of empathy when messaging. Volunteers should try to put themselves in the shoes of the person they are messaging and craft messages that are personalized and meaningful. Encourage volunteers to ask questions and listen to responses.

8. Set expectations: Volunteers need to understand the time commitment required for P2P texting. Be clear about how many messages volunteers are expected to send each day or week. Also, let volunteers know what kind of response rate they can expect and how to handle replies.

9. Provide ongoing support: Even after volunteers are trained, they may need ongoing support. Provide volunteers with resources they can reference if they have questions or need help. Also, make yourself available to answer any questions or concerns they may have.

P2P texting can be an effective way to communicate with supporters, but it requires well-trained volunteers. With the right training, your volunteers can help you build meaningful trust and egagement with your supporters to help achieve your mission.

Are you looking for a powerful P2P texting platform that can help you reach your goals while engaging multiple teams and volunteers? has a user-friendly interface and extensive training materials, so your team will be texting effectively in no time. 

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