Developer Toolkit

Built for Developers

Powerful tools and features to speed and aid development

API First

Every feature we build is API first.  The full breadth and capabilities of the platform are available in our robust, Swagger-driven RESTful API.

Take a full tour of the API.

Enterprise Grade

Reliability, scalability and security you can count on.


99.95%+ uptime
over 4+ years



Send up to 300 msgs / second on a single AWS-hosted instance.



256-bit end-to-end
encryption at rest.


Like the Chrome console, but for every event, error, or debugging log
related to your configuration of

Real-time feed

Errors, warnings, and events are posted in real-time allowing easy diagnosis of issues with APIs, integrations, and embedded applications.

Searchable, Filterable

Quick search and filter for events.  Events can be filtered by timeframe and searched by text or other data.


When errors or warnings occur, notifications can be sent via SMS, email, or posted to Slack.

Database Tools

Firebase on steroids – every entity in the platform has
an associated key-value database

Key-Values for Every Entity

Every entity has an associated unlimited storage key-value database that is quickly searchable and editable.  There is no prescribed data models required –everything is flexible.

Real-time Propagation

When data is updated, it is propagated in real-time and will trigger “Data Changed” events in key parts of the platform that can be used to update UI/UX.

In-line Editor

Inspector allows for in-line editing of the raw JSON data. Changes happening throughout the system are reflected live in the editor as changes occur giving unprecedented insights.

Event Endpoints

A real-time feed of every event in our system posted to the webhook of your choice makes
integration with third-party systems a snap.

Event Event

Inbound and outbound messages, logins, clicks into Prompt Exchange, errors, and much more available for subscription.


Full enterprise-grade authentication available including username/password, X-Hub signature, and custom headers.

Custom Events

Customiz events can be built and triggered through JavaScript.

JavaScript Engine

Built in scripting unleashes the power to build and deploy complex
applications without requiring an external server

No External Servers

All JavaScript runs internal to our servers – no external processing or Node servers required.

Code Completion

Full function signatures and code completion makes learning the system straightforward and reduces coding errors.

Test Mode

Execution in test mode allows easytesting  and debugging.

Embeddable Conversation

Fully iframe and embed conversational tools into your
own application with just a few lines of code

SSO Supported

Seamless single-sign-on support for dynamic creation and management of team access and logins.


Full access to CSS and styling so you can match your own color and UI.

Full Control

Full control of features and functionality presented to end users via robust groups and permissions.