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Meet text, the new standard in fundraising

Nonprofit organizations are quickly adopting text messaging solutions to drive fundraising and other supporter actions. With fundraising events canceled for an indefinite period, and emails and phone calls becoming less effective, text messaging is proving to be the faster, more effective way to engage supporters. Managing supporter actions through text has the double benefit of being more convenient and creating stronger relationships with supporters.

How it works for nonprofits

1. Notify

Send text messages to supporters

2. Engage

Converse with supporters using live staff or automated response

3. Act

Gather donations or coordinate actions through text

4. Integrate

Data is synced with existing systems

Where text drives value for nonprofits

Stronger relationships

Text messaging has a higher response rate, is more personal, and expedites engagement with supporters.

Increased fundraising

Fundraising campaigns are easy to execute through text, reach supporters quickly, and offer an easy donation process.

Highest engagement rate of any channel

90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes of being received. Engagement rates are up to 45%, with high percentages completing requested actions.

Amazingly simple!

You'll be surprised how simple it is to send a text campaign. No call scripts, no HTML templates needed, just a few minutes to send a text. And you'll be amazed at how ready people are to offer support.

Messaging that builds stronger relationships with supporters


90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of being received


up to 45% engagement rates on text notifications


Up to 30% increase in fundraising campaigns, and sometimes greater

How nonprofits use

Supporter notifications

Fundraising & donations

Donor recruitment

Staff reminders

Event communications

Volunteer coordination

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Featured integrations

Leverage existing systems and processes with's flexible APIs or pre-built integrations


Send text messages from the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud


Text-enable Raiser's Edge NXT, and sync data and constituents tags


Seamlessly import NationBuilder contact lists into PromptMessaging


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