Expect More From
Text Messaging

Fast, reliable delivery for your text campaigns combined with the power to take action in one seamless mobile experience.

Successful Text Messaging is Only Possible with Powerful Technology

Text messaging seems simple but usually ends up a mystery. There are millions of messages sent daily that are never delivered.
Send with confidence using Prompt.io.
Built for Speed & Reliability, be Confident in the Delivery of your Text Campaigns
Securely Exchange Data & Conduct Business Through App-Like Experiences
Integrate & Embed Prompt.io into your Business, Product, and Services

The Right Features Are the Difference Between Celebration and Frustration

P2P & A2P

Send peer-to-peer and application-to-peer messages from a
single system.

Real-Time Analytics

Track every outbound message in real-time with robust campaign metrics and analytics.


Every message is optimized for format based on the recipient's carrier to maximize delivery.

& Secure

Enterprise grade security & Infrastructure. Trusted by some of the world's largest companies and brands.

Purpose Built
for Speed

Full control over the lines used and MNOs relied on so you can dial up speed & volume as needed.

Agent Tools

Powerful, call-center capable agent experience, management oversight and custom routing.


Automation through unlimited, flexible keyword responses and triggers deployed to any channel.

Engine Capable

Quick connection to leading AI Engines such as LEX, DialogFlow, Luis,
and Alterra.

more than just sms

Multi-channel Messaging. Facebook Messenger or Live Chat? We've got it covered.

Prompt.io™ enables organizations to service more channels than just SMS -- all in the same agent experience. Hook up your Facebook Messenger account and instantly engage customers and supporters with real conversation.

Built for Speed, Delivery, and Volume

Deliver 1,000,000+

messages / hour

Send up to 300 msgs/second via shortcode or distributed across multiple outbound channels.

 < 10 Minutes

text campaigns

Simple, user-friendly process allows you to set-up complex text campaigns complete with list segmentation and keyword auto-replies in less than 10 minutes.

< 1 Minute


Setting up a keyword auto-reply takes less than a minute. Configure as many as you'd like -- no limits.

 < 10 Secs

agent interactions

Macros and hyper-efficient agent tools means it takes an agent on average less than 10 seconds to process and categorize an inbound message.

Securely Exchange Data and Conduct Business
Through App-Like Experiences

With Endless Uses, Here Are A Few Examples

PromptExchange offers a wide range of form elements and integrations so your ability to replace existing customer processes is limited only by your creativity.

Sales & Marketing

Replace low conversion email processes with a high engagement, text first, mobile experiences for NPS, meeting scheduling, pre-qualification and discovery.

Fundraising, Advocacy and Volunteer Coordination

Use PromptExchange to manage a number of process and functions related to non-profits, advocacy and political campaigning.

Commerce & Curbside

Drive sales or facilitate Curbside, starting with a text message. Show catalogs, display images, list prices & descriptions, use cart functions all in one mobile experience.

Simple or Complex Use Cases with Integration into Existing Systems

By integrating PromptExchange with existing systems you can present information from back-end systems for verification or have customers instantly make changes and updates.

Customer Experience and Business Efficiency Focused Features

Configured in

Configure PromptExchange apps in minutes with simple drag & drop configuration.

Nothing to Download

Customers don't need to download or install anything -- they can interact with you immediately and
without friction.

2-Way Data Exchange

Collect structured data or present existing information and write back to existing systems or spreadsheets.

Secure Data Collection

Data collected is 256-bit encrypted at rest end-to-end and securely stored at AWS under a private key.

Inline, Real-Time Data Visibility

All data collected is synced live and in real-time in the contact conversational history for review.

Integration with Existing Systems

Sync data with any backend source with a simple, configurable call to an external endpoint.

Internationalization Support

Full localization support for international audiences. Dictionary up/download for easy translation work.

E-Signature Capable

Easy, sign-with-finger implementation for collection of E-signatures.

Developers not Required

Easy to Configure and Ready to Use in Minutes

Simple Drag & Drop Configuration
Avoid months of development work and disappointment. Configure PromptExchange with simple drag & drop to suit your unique business needs. With dozens of form elements available, the opportunities are endless.
Custom Tailored For Your Needs
Configure a PromptExchange for each of your organization's needs and combine with PromptMessaging Keyword Bots to meet and automate multiple uses cases.
Easily Integrate with Existing Systems
Sync data with any backend source with a simple, configurable call to an external endpoint with many pre-built integrations to make it even easier.

Integrate with Existing Systems and Gain Full Control of the Prompt.io™ Messaging Suite

Built to

Every function and feature is available via well formed APIs making it possible to integrate into your existing systems and processes.

Leverage Existing Systems

Keep data in systems across your organization in sync. As your customers engage with you, all related systems are updated.


Fully embed Agent Tools, Monitor, and Exchanges into your existing product and workflows.

Full Control of Every Feature

Every feature unlocked, every base covered. The full platform is yours for bespoke, custom configuration.

Simple & Powerful

Integration Made Simple

Utilize pre-existing integrations or GET, REST, and UPDATE your way to integrations with nearly any other system's APIs. Leverage existing systems and processes to speed up adoption.


Integrate, Develop, Embed

PromptPlatform offers robust APIs and a full developer experience unrivaled by competitors. Build, test, and integrate with our great APIs. Easily embed some or parts of the platform into your own products or tools.

The Prompt.io platform is built API first. Nearly every function and feature is surfaced and supported by our RESTful APIs presented for easy consumption via Swagger.

Prompt offers an amazing developer experience and toolkit. The Developer Console posts events, errors, and logs for inspection and debugging. Our Key-Value Inspector offers real-time view and editor into the underlying data store associated with every entity in the platform. Virtual Messaging and Sandbox modes allow for rapid, quick testing of deployments at scale.

Components of the Prompt.io™ Platform such as the Agent Tools, Monitor, and PromptExchange Apps are fully embeddable into your application and products. Custom CSS can be implemented to tailor the experience to your design and color scheme. SSO APIs and authentication make embedding these application building blocks a task that typically takes just a week or so to accomplish and fine tune.

Enterprise clients such as Oracle have white-labeled and deployed Prompt.io components into their customer-facing offerings. See Press Release.

Customer success

Instant Results

“The impact of texting on our admission process was instant and measurable. We saw an increase in conversion in less than a week, and the impact was so indisputable we cancelled testing and rolled it out globally."

Edward Nevraumont CMO, CRO, General Assembly

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