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Since its inception 2014, has been on a mission to improve organizations’ ability to engage with their customers, supporters, constituents and contacts. We've done this by making it easy for organizations to communicate with their contacts through the channels people use most often in their daily lives. This includes text messaging, Facebook, Twitter, Slack and numerous other channels. The next step was to empower organizations to take action, exchange data and conduct business—all via text message. By offering an end-to-end mobile solution for notifying, engaging and conducting business with key contacts, is accelerating commerce and making it convenient for businesses and customers alike to interact and communicate.

The result is a messaging platform that radically changes the quality of customer experience and drives success.

We’ve purpose built our text messaging solutions to lead in deliverability and response while pioneering text-led technology to securely exchange data and complete business transactions. Our value is simple to understand: make it easy for your customers, keep them captivated through text-led interaction, and you'll complete more successful actions.

Our platform is flexible and developer-friendly, while simple to use and so quick to implement that you can be sending text messages in minutes. In addition, our API enables embedding and connecting into websites, mobile apps, custom workflows, and existing systems and processes. Today we are helping organizations across the globe and across industries boost their business efficiency, close more deals and improve their customer experiences. Leadership

Steve Woodworth

VP Business Development

Scott Fortin

VP Engineering / Architect

Phil Gordon

CEO and Founder

Barb Smith

Chief Operating Officer

Farz Sokhansanj

VP Business Development

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