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The Ultimate Guide to 10DLC Texting

May 5, 2022

The Ultimate Guide to 10DLC Texting

Check out our ultimate guide to 10LDC texting here 

10DLC refers to sending texts over 10-digit long code. As of March 1, 2022, all organizations wishing to utilize this form of texting in the United States must be fully registered and compliant with the rules and regulations set forth by the carriers and mobile operators.

Let’s explore what this means for your next campaign.

Firstly, what is 10DLC?

10DLC stands for 10 Digit Long Code, which is another way of saying a local area code. Put simply, it’s texting over a phone number like 206-555-1212. 

You will now need to “register” your organization so that the carriers know who you are and how you are using texting on their network.

Virtually all 10DLC traffic is considered A2P (that’s application-to-person) by the carriers – they don’t view what everyone calls P2P (person-to-person) any differently than standard A2P traffic.

The idea of registering a phone number isn’t totally new. The 10DLC registration process is a simplified version of the short code application process.

How is 10DLC registration different from the short code process?

Firstly, let’s understand what a shortcode is, using a practical example. Say there’s a politician on stage at a rally or event. They might say something like, “text the word ‘join’ to 12345” . “12345” is a short code.

There are many requirements of short code users 

  • Everyone you text must be opted in. Meaning they have to have given explicit consent to receive messages
  • All of your keywords have to be verified by the carriers
  • All of your users have to have easy access to your terms of use

The process of getting approved for a short code can take two to three months and costs a few thousand dollars. It is a very involved process but many large organizations and campaigns decide to use short codes.

The carriers are expanding from short codes to 10 digit long codes because the texting space has become very busy.

Many organizations are using texting to communicate with their donors, their voters, and their supporters because it has a very high read rate compared to other forms of communication. The carriers are wanting to ensure that they're protecting their customers.

The registration process for 10DLC is not as involved as the shortcode process, but it has some similarities.

So, what are the benefits of 10DLC?

No. 1: 10DLC improves deliverability

Carriers want transparency around which organizations are using their networks and what kinds of messages they're sending. 

However, there are upsides for organizations as well.  Once you are registered, and assuming you are otherwise compliant and don’t trigger filtering algorithms, you will see very high deliverability since the carriers know who you are and what messages you're sending.

No. 2:  Higher throughput

You will be able to send more texts from each phone number in a short period of time. 

In the long term, consumers will have more confidence that the people who are texting them are who they say they are, so you’ll have better engagement and a more successful texting campaign.

No. 3: No need to use hundreds of phone numbers

This is a big one - you will be able to send more texts using fewer phone numbers. 

Previously, you’d need hundreds of numbers to send your messages, now you will just need a handful of numbers for the same size campaign.

Put simply, with 10DLC your organization can run a texting campaign with higher deliverability and higher throughput without the need for hundreds of phone numbers.

No. 1: Register early

The 10DLC registration process can take up to 11 days to complete for political organizations. You will not be able to send messages until you are registered so start the process early!

No. 2: Partner with a trusted text messaging software provider

When choosing a texting platform, like, make sure that they are fully aware of the new 10DLC registration requirements and that they will help you through the registration process. 

No. 3: Get Vetted and Registered

If you are a political organization, you will need to be vetted by Campaign Verify (or, soon, Aegis) before you can register with The Campaign Registry. This process ensures that your organization has filed with the correct election regulatory authority and you are a legitimate and active organization. 

Once your vetting has been completed you will receive a 6 digit vetting token via email or snail mail, depending on what information is publicly posted. This can take anywhere from 24 hours to 10 days depending on what information is publicly posted.

Once you have received your vetting token, your organization can now be registered with The Campaign Registry. 

When you register your organization with The Campaign Registry you will be recognized as a Brand. You will then add Campaigns to that brand for each of your use cases. Each of your phone numbers will be associated with a Campaign so the carriers will know who the phone numbers belong to and which type of messages they are sending. There is a maximum of 49 phone numbers per Campaign before being faced with large fees from the carriers.


  1. A national organization is registering and they have state chapters.
  1. The national organization would register as a Brand, each of their state chapters would be a Campaign under that Brand and each chapter would have their phone numbers associated with their Campaign. 
  1. A political candidate running for office (two options depending on size)
  1. Small Local Election: The candidate would register as a Brand with a single Campaign for mixed use fundraising, voter contact, volunteer recruitment
  2. A National or Large Statewide Election: The candidate would register as a Brand with multiple Campaigns - for a presidential campaign you might have a Campaign for each state or region. For a large statewide election you might register each department (fundraising, volunteer communications, voter communications) as their own Campaigns.

Be sure to communicate the needs of your organization with your texting provider to ensure your Brand, Campaigns, and phone numbers are registered appropriately.

No. 4: Understanding New Texting Best Practices for Consultants

If you are an agency or consultant and you are texting on behalf of  more than one organization, you may have five Campaigns that you’re working on. 

With 10DLC, each organization will need their own Brand, Campaigns, and phone numbers for texting.

So if you're running five different Campaigns, you can't use the same five phone numbers, because every 10DLC phone number has a use case, a vetting token and a brand token associated with it. 

In this case, each of your clients (if political entities) need to be vetted by  Campaign Verify (or Aegis) and registered with The Campaign Registry. If you attempt to register your own digital consulting firm, you're likely going to get very poor results. Registering 10DLC numbers to your own business is also against the best practices of Campaign Registry.

No. 5: You’re registered! 🥳  Now what? 

When you partner with us at, we’ll let you know when we have submitted your verification information.

We’re going to ask you to check your email or physical mail for your verification token. It should arrive within 1-10 days and will allow us to  complete your registration so you're good to start provisioning your 10DLC phone numbers. 

Once you have those phone numbers, it takes about 24 hours for the carriers to fully recognize your registration. After that, you're able to start texting. Once you've started texting, you'll need to monitor your outbound broadcast for any deliverability issues.

We’re here to help! 10DLC is complicated, but we’re here to help. We would be happy to provide a complimentary consultation to help your organization better understand the great opportunities 10DLC texting presents. Download our guide here and someone from our expert team will be here to support you.

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