10 Digit Long Code Texting



What is 10DLC?

10DLC refers to carrier imposed rules, regulations and technology designed to sanction and vet SMS messages sent via 10 digit local long codes phone numbers. The objective of 10DLC is to protect consumers from unwanted messages while offering organizations higher throughput and delivery rates.

For current Prompt.io customers, there is nothing you need to do today. Prompt.io will be registering your organization. Please do not use Twilio or other message providers to register your organization as this will complicate our registration process.


Last Updated Feb 20, 2021


Each organization wishing to text on 10DLC will need to be registered. All registration is controlled by a carrier-led entity known as the Campaign Registry. Prompt.io is a partner of the Campaign Registry and will be facilitating your organization's registration.

In order to register, you will need to provide information about your organization, including your EIN, use cases, sample messages, and responsible contacts. Your account manager and onboarding team will ensure that your organization gets properly set up.


We will be working with our customers to have them all registered by May 1, 2021. Organizations must be registered by June 1 2021, or they risk having messages blocked and maximum surcharges applied by the carriers.


There is a small one-time fee for registering your organization with Campaign Registry. Additionally, there are quarterly fees associated with registration of use cases. The maximum current quarterly fee proposed is $30.

Prompt.io will be passing these fees through directly to your organization at cost.

Campaign Registry Fees

The carriers are imposing an additional per-segment surcharge, called a Network Access Fee. These will vary by carrier and use case. Surcharges are currently set between $0.002 and $0.004. Prompt.io will be able to tell you the surcharges that will be applied to your messages after we receive that information from Campaign Registry.

Additionally, political campaigns, PACs and 501-C4 organizations wishing to use 10DLC will need to go through additional vetting that costs $95.

In some cases, qualified non-profits may be exempt from additional per-segment surcharges.

Messaging Restrictions

On registration, your organization will be given a vetting score known as your RISQ score (Routine Information and Services Quality) based on the organization's profile and use case. Maximum throughput and daily limits on the number of texts that can be sent can be dependent on this score. Throughput can be up to 30 times faster than the limits that were typical prior to the arrival of 10DLC. While for some use cases there may be daily limits imposed, 10DLC will mostly alleviate the need to use multiple outbound phone numbers -- vetted traffic will get very high deliverability.

Toll Free, Short Code

10DLC has no impact on toll free or short code traffic. If your organization utilizes these types of texting channels, there is no need to register.

More Information

For more information, please contact support or your account manager. Know that we are here for you in this transition and will ensure that your organization complies with the new requirements.